Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment

Whether through Counseling or Coaching, when you know yourself well, what drives and motivates you, confuses, and frustrated you, then you have the keys for change. Then you gain access to the deep well of intelligence, emotion, and resourcefulness that lies within you. Tapping into these pools of competencies allows you to face the myriad challenges and dynamic changes in your life with grace, confidence, and strength of your character. 

Successful people both in personal and professional lives are those who understand and can regulate their thoughts and behaviors to meet their goals - they are in charge of their emotions. They can develop persistence, endurance, kindness, and a gritty determination, which allows them to function well in ALL of life's circumstances.

However, for many people getting to this self-knowledge requires gentle prodding. It is our firm belief that most people hold the solutions to their challenges in their minds and hearts. At different stages in our lives, we struggle to gain perspective, feel alone, isolated, and incapable of finding solutions.

Patterns of self-care and relational interactions develop over time. These repeated actions are restricted to the knowledge and skills at the time of their development or in reaction to our life challenges. These habits and coping mechanisms can limit or enhance our physical and psychological health and well being and relationships. We choose the behaviors and, therefore, the patterns. When we deviate from what we know is healthy, self-destructive coping patterns can emerge. Understand self, set new goals, and CHANGE behavior!