Coaching 4 Wellness


"When Searching for life balance: REACH HIGH"

Wellness Coaching is a process of modification, renewal and rejuvenation. It is designed for people who want to move to a higher level of achievement and performance. We believe in the basic premise that as humans we have everything inside to be our best selves. This merges with a belief that people not only WANT to change, but CAN change. Coaches are motivators. We are mirrors to help you clearly focus on personal strengths and gain objectivity. Wellness coaching is a goal-directed program for people who want to improve their existing physical and mental health, relationships, and general well being through an active, engaged process. Coaching will assist in clarifying vision, values, and goals, review progress, explore challenges, and adjust plans as necessary to ensure forward motion in the most positive, expeditious manner. This is a strength based, personally tailored method of self-improvement. Confidence builds, goals become clearer, mental and physical health improves when tasks are brought into focus and a vision for personal wellness becomes better defined. Coaching serves to encourage people to achieve their best self through incremental successes accomplished in a systematic manners. Coaching is a solution-focused activity. People enter into a coaching relationship for various reasons. The interaction between you and a professionally trained and certified coach offers a collaborative, safe environment of respect and trust. We join forces to challenge beliefs, explore goals, and set out on well defined pathways to reach clear concise objectives. In short, coaching, in collaboration with clients create a ‘Life in Balance.’ It is an effective method to sustain lifestyle changes. 

Reasons to seek out a coach include but are not limited to:

  • Regain equilibrium and enjoyment in your life.
  • Weight reduction / feel comfortable in your body.
  • Develop richer more meaningful relationships (Family, Friends, Colleagues).
  • Increase awareness and promote positive change.
  • Cope effectively with life transitions.
  • Reduce stress levels.
  • Restructure daily life patterns to decrease chaos and increase joy.
  • Recover from illness or other setbacks and prevent further illness.
  • Increasing physical stamina and activity / Become physically fit.
  • Improve general health and well being.
  • Work out for your brain to create choices and solutions to life issues.
  • Augment your ‘tool box’ of positive coping mechanisms to handle life’s frustrations.
  • Reinvent yourself!
  • Use naturally creative instincts toward ambitious oriented transformations.
  • Coaching is not time intensive and can be accomplished in person, by telephone or computer