Relationship Coaching

As human beings, our brains are hard-wired to connect. It is a primal survival imperative. We assume and maintain multiple relational responsibilities and roles throughout our lives: child, parent, friend, student, teacher, worker, employer, relative, and mate, to name a few. Positive experiences within these roles can nurture and define us from the onset of our lives or can force us to establish maladaptive self-protective behaviors.

At Strategic Wellness Group, we believe people are fundamentally good and seek harmony and joy in social, professional, and intimate relationships. However, when these relationships become problematic, they cause distress and dysfunction, clouding many other aspects of our lives. Maintaining supportive connections takes desire, effort, time, and skill. Coaching will help develop the artistry needed to understand, establish, and sustain nurturing relationships. This sense of belonging enriches our lives. Certain learned behaviors can be mastered and applied in multiple situations and be useful in creating relational harmony in: 

MARRIAGE – From the first moment of attraction to the development of patterns of behavior, through dating, children, career ups and downs, empty nest, and retirement.

DATING – Finding a partner and developing a nurturing bond. 

FRIENDSHIPS – Friends are a powerful source of joy, support, or confusion, and heartache.

PARENTS and SIBLINGS – Can’t choose them but can learn to live in harmony.

CO-WORKER – We spend the major part of our days in close proximity with co-workers. These associations are not only frequently critical to getting the job done, but also to our level of safety and contentment we experience in the workplace. 

EMPLOYER – Some bosses prefer meticulous details; others desire big picture solutions. Learn how to figure it out and become more effective as a subordinate.

Have you ever tried to take on a new activity without first watching someone OR being guided? Most people never consider the skills which we need to attain and maintain positive, joyful relationships: and perhaps have NEVER been taught. Conversely, we may have witnessed and therefore learned negative styles of relating to others and destructive responses to emotional stimulation. Learning and applying simple portable skills in multiple situations can help create the links you have sought over the years.