Training In Educational Systems

A superior education system imparts knowledge while fostering positive growth and maturation of the complete child. Strategic Wellness Group concentrates on psychological and relational benchmarks at varied developmental stages. Without emotional understanding and social awareness, intellectual acuity alone cannot bolster children during times of distress. If a child fails emotionally, they are more likely to fail academically. As students grow, their unique talents and challenges merge to build coping strategies.

We work in partnership with parents and teachers to strategically augment individualized educational plans. The ultimate vision is to help children become successful students, responsible decision makers, and healthy well-adjusted young adults with multiple adaptive life skill sets.

School Offerings

  • School Wellness Programs
  • Adolescent Brain Development: How Wiring Affects Behavior
  • Recognition of and Dealing with Disruptive Family Issues
  • Productive Parent-Teacher Management
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Demystified
  • Health and Sex Education
  • Leadership in Academia

Student Offerings

  • Positive Coping Mechanisms For Life
  • Bullying: It’s Not About You
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Brain Development
  • How To Best Get Your Way: Assertive versus Aggressive Behavior 
  • Understanding and Stopping Teen Relationship Abuse
  • “What Should I Study In College”
  • College Freshman's Keys to Success: "It's not only about grades?" (MBTI)
  • Consider a Career in Psychology
  • Creating Future Leaders

Parent Offerings

  • Understanding Adolescence and Adolescent Stress
  • Supporting Your Student For Positive Outcomes
  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Preparing For The Empty Nest aka The Kabuki Dance
  • Maintaining Domestic Accord
  • Anxious Kids with Anxious Parents
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Finding the ‘Perfect Fit’ University