Women's Wellness: A 3 Day Seminar

You can find joy and contentment by improving your physical and mental health, nurturing your relationships, considering meaningful work, and contemplating your place and purpose. Tailored specially for you, You can systematically build confidence, develop strategic goals through a wellness program.

LIVING LIFE MORE FULLY is the goal of the Women’s Wellness three-day seminar. This experiential program crafted through trial, feedback, and correction has developed into a world-class workshop over twenty years. Our approach focuses on personal strengths and best practices and cultural differences. Lifestyle options, individualized assessments, relationships challenges, body type, exercise needs, nutritional requirements, and lifestyle options are a few topics embedded in your tailored plan designed to foster permanent change. Women’s Wellness is community-based and draws on many of the abundant resources and local experts in your neighborhood. We work in concert to give women practical advice and intellectual stimulation who are then able to serve as resources for continued support. This program honors the natural ability of women to know what is best for themselves and their families once presented with current health-conscious research. 



Wellness and lifestyle assessment Lipid Panel and blood pressure screening General medical screening before exercise Strength, flexibility, endurance Weight and body fat (only if you insist!!! – not required) 


Knowledge of feminine physique and changes we ‘endure’ “Do I have to be able to touch my toes to do Yoga?” Strength instruction for women (aka I am not Annie Schwarzenegger) “How much aerobic training is enough?” Nutrition and Self-care. 


Understand those pesky hormones Stress management Emotional awareness and guidance Humor as a stress release and refocusing tool Developing positive coping mechanisms. 


Understand and improve primary relationships (marriage, children, parents, siblings, co-workers) / Accept YOURSELF and others in all our imperfect states / Social relationships/ Connect to your community /  Communication skills 


Meaning work is essential to our health and Wellness. Work is also a place offering us great satisfaction or can create stress and discontent. Learning how to navigate the workplace, better understanding our preferences and personality is useful in increasing joy, and maintaining self-esteem. 


How are we connected to the world? Finding a purpose in life (Okay, maybe we won’t figure this out entirely?) Hope and optimism Introduction to Meditation as a means to find your unique way of embracing spirituality within your belief system. 

As a clinician, Jody spent many years assisting families and individuals in crisis return to balance and equilibrium in their relationships. We learned many of life’s upheavals are preventable with education and coaching. Lesson plans constructed around these edicts prove to be the most meaningful:

Women thrive under the guidance and support of kind, wise women. Knowledge is power; a full 70% of diseases can be averted through lifestyle changes. 

Groups of women empower each other.

Women are incredibly different at age 20 than they are at age 40 or 60. Our needs change as we evolve.

Women tend to nurture those they love much better than themselves. Health is determined by significantly more factors than our weight and cholesterol.

The general state of our mind and body are intertwined.

Relationships are significant and affect all other areas of our lives. Laughing, crying, and exercising all serve to relieve stress.