Robert C. Age 42

"Creative Leadership with Dr. Panzarella was a course I was directed to attend. I took my blackberry thinking I would get some email done during the course. From the moment he took the stage I was captivated. He changed my basic definition of leadership. I use his techniques in my everyday dealing with my leadership and subordinates. Highly recommended for all employees."


Robert C. Age 42

Mahalo Dr. Roy for your generosity in sharing your leadership training wth our university family. Can you believe it's been almost a year since you represented to my coaching staff and full-timers at our athletic department retreat. We in athletics ended up having our best year competitively and have higher expectations for his coming year.  You made a difference!


Sophia B. Age 35

"Women’s Wellness, WOW what a fun, knowledge packed three days. I laughed, cried and learned more in these days than I could have imagined. I particularly appreciated the tailored program. I have all my results in a file drawer and will refer to them each year as I complete my physicals...........which I now know to do religiously. I now have 20 new BFFs. Great program. I recommend it to ALL women."


Amy T. Grade 10 Student

“The High School Wellness Day taught me more about how to life my life than any one day at school. Thank you for opening my eyes to such a variety of ways to cope with life pressures. My favorite sessions were Dealing With Peer Pressure, Handling Test Anxiety and Salsa Dancing. I look forward to the next year."


Natalie G. Age 62

"Ms Ballard’s educational seminar on Aging Gracefully was inspired. Not only did I learn more about my female aging body, but I was soothed to know I was not alone in my questions and fears."


Anna H. Age 29

 I spent four months with Jody coaching to improve my relationships. My goal was to connect better with people in all areas of my life. After two months, my connections are more relaxed and after four I now have some social engagements. I am more relaxed and can laugh and have fun around people socially and at work. I am hopeful things will continuing improving."


Student in Health and Wellness Class Grade 9

"She makes me feel comfortable while giving me plenty to think about in life and in my relationships. She helped me understand the overall concept of wellness and how it is an active process. She brings positive energy into a classroom and her wisdom in a long tested carer of helping people improve relationships is amazing. It’s hard to put into words how she helped me in HS, I just know I am better off for having had this course."


Student in Health and Wellness Class Grade 12

Ms. Ballard has years of experiece and many areas of sex education, therapy and wellness programs. She has never turned anyone down who needs help. It is comforting to be around her. I have improved in many areas of wellness. She is great and taught us practical non judgemental ways to incrementally improve the areas of my life that were casuing me so much distress . I never thought about how my physical body effects my moods for example. Not only did she understand me but she helped me listen better to the adults in my life.. I feel emotionally and socially better prepared for college.